= Marketing+Travel+1

It’s a mixture of the 3 things I live by: marketing, travel, and a +1.
Many may wonder what the +1 is about, and it’s no surprise. This signifies the most fascinating aspect of marketing: the power to connect two parties together, whether it be a product and a person, or an individual to another. Hence, why the name consists of two Ls in the end (Makeve’ll’), expressing this meaning.

4 Facts About the Writer
01.Multi-cultural background

Asama lived in Dubai for 14 years during his childhood, allowing him to have a multi-cultural perspective.

02.Working as a web marketer

He works at a web marketing agency in Tokyo, which focuses on supporting small-mid sized companies.


Has a passion to meet new people and learn new ideas.

04.Community Developing

Experience in creating a new international community successfully, from scratch.

Support the Startup Community in Japan Through the Power of Web/Digital Marketing

The purpose of Markevell is very clear, and it signifies my wish as well. I hope to support and amplify the startup community in Japan, by sharing and communicating knowledge about web/digital marketing, so that all businesses could successfully adapt to this ever-changing unique market.


ー Main Writer at Markevell