Email Marketing: How to Double Your Revenue and Create Loyal Customers

3.9 billion.

That is the global number of email users in 2019, and it is expected to further increase to 4.3 billion by 2023, which is half of the world’s population. If that doesn’t sound absurd enough, compare the data with the number of the monthly active users of Facebook, which amounts to 2.5 billion.

Technology is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and emails are at the base of it, working as a communication tool, as well as a crucial marketing tool. Learn how you can double your revenue and create long-term repeaters for your business, using email marketing!

What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is a marketing tool, where you use emails to communicate with leads, potential clients, existing customers, etc. The subject could be anything from announcing discounts and promotions to thank you mails and newsletters.

Why is Email Marketing Necessary?

As mentioned, emails are still one of the main platforms that people use when communicating with each other. There are misconceptions that emails are tools of the past, but that does not explain the continuous rise in the number of users it’s been gaining. It is simply a waste of opportunity for you to not utilize this medium, when there exists a large pot of gold right in front of you! The sheer number of users will reflect a great effect on your performance of revenue and profit.

Email Marketing is More Important than Ever

The following are key discoveries found by American researchers (done in 2016/2017):

Along with the reasons above, recent changes in technology have also further raised the importance of this marketing medium. Just like advertisements, now the content of emails sent to your target could be personalized by assessing what they have purchased in the past, and analyzing their behavior online.

Focus on checking these factors when sending an email: the match between demand of user and content, applicable to the viewer, and if the email is personalized specific to the receiver.

How to Start Email Marketing

How to Start Email Marketing

Putting the data aside, starting email marketing is actually very easy, and the following preparations/questions that you can ask yourself, would get you on the right track to get new purchases coming.

Why do you want to send the email

Knowing the objective of your email, i.e what you want to achieve through sending your content to the target, is crucial to your success when implementing this type of marketing. Do you have an online store looking for more purchases? Are you targeting newcomers or repeaters? Organizing an event and want more attendees?

It would be beneficial to also decide on how you shall measure the success rate.
For example: new purchases, sign ups, etc.

Who to send the email

If you were to send as a retailer of an online shop, you’ll have to choose whether to send to new or existing customers. By being clear on the receiver’s persona, you will be able to think of a more appealing subject, tag line, and content catered specific to the group of individuals.

What content do you want to send

Once you have prepared the previous 2 points, it’s time for you to create the actual content. Combine your objective and target, to structure and write drafts that would catch the heart of many. Use photos and videos along your texts to offer an engaging read until the end of your email. Be sure to include CTA (call to action) buttons in order to achieve the final goal that you have set for your marketing plan.

Find out what works the best for you to accomplish your respective objectives. Here are some examples you can take for reference.

① If you’re selling a product

Content: Link to the e-commerce website
Measure of success: CTR (click through rate), CVR (conversion rate)

② Looking to persuade to visit your store

Content: Attach printable discount coupons
Measure of success: Number of visitors

The Things You NEED to Include in the Email

The Aspects You NEED to Include in the Email

Email marketing works well, but its effectiveness will highly depend on your content that you’ll send out. Be sure to keep the next few points in mind when you’ll be writing your next email campaign.

A subject that conveys the benefit

Users will be receiving countless numbers of emails everyday, and yours will be one of them. In order to stand out from the crowd and persuade the user to open your email, be sure to choose a highly appealing subject text that summarizes your content, and successfully conveys the benefits of reading the email.

A trustworthy name for the sender

We’ve all had experiences, where we ignored or deleted emails with suspicious sender names. That also applies here, hence double check if you have a trustworthy name set as the sender (try receiving feedback from a friend). Usually, using your business name would be the best choice, allowing you to differentiate from other senders and build brand awareness.

Clear and easy to read

Keep the email content clear and straightforward, with simple words being used to explain most of the topics. Don’t forget the whole point of this email is to accomplish your final goal, so design the layout according to the necessary steps that you think would require to persuade someone to complete your goal. Use a good balance of media and text, to have it look organized in the eye of anyone.

Method to unsubscribe

This is very important! Including the method to unsubscribe from your mailing list is required by law, so be sure to include it at the end of your email (usually in the footer).

Optimized for mobile viewing

Looking at data, as of the year 2018, mobile phones actually claimed a higher market share of 51%, while the desktop had a number of 45%. The importance of optimizing your content for mobile viewing is not a choice now, it has become a requirement in order to succeed. Keep your emails relatively short for many of your viewers that will be reading through their mobile screen (long emails tend to be cut by the software).

After You Send (You’re Not Done)

Congratulations, you’ve sent a fantastic email to your audience. Now gather data that you’ll receive in the next 24 hours, such as CTR and CVR, and begin doing AB Tests.

AB Tests is a marketing technique where you change an element at a time to find the perfect combination that gets the best results. For emails, if you want to increase CTR, try adjusting the subject; if you want to improve CVR, adjust the layout/design. If you want to learn more about AB Tests, I’ve written a complete guide on the topic!

The Costs of Email Marketing?

There are mainly 3 types of costs that you will have to consider when implementing email marketing.

  1. Cost of Email Marketing Software
  2. Cost to Create Mailing List (promotions to get people to join your newsletter)
  3. Cost to Create Email Content (labor)

If you include the preparations, you may think that there’s too much cost behind email marketing, but that is simply not true. Most of them could be minimized to a fraction of the cost you’re likely imagining, and it all depends on how you choose to approach this implementation.

For ①, there exists free email marketing services too, however I firmly believe that paid services are the way to go, as you will quickly max out your available number of free slots for the mailing list, and will have to pay in the long run either way. The transition would be a hassle, and you will likely have a better experience to go with a trusted paid service from the get-go.

As for point ② and ③, the quality of the email marketing service would play a big part in reducing the cost required in these areas.

The cost to creating a mailing list could be reduced significantly if you use a software that has landing page capabilities, which you could then use to create special pages made solely to entice people to join your mailing list. Landing pages are a great way to achieve a specific goal within a business, so be sure to choose a service that has this capability.

In terms of labor, the main factor that you need to focus on, is to make this process as easy and automated as possible. Use services that allow you to drag and drop media easily, designed in an intuitive layout, and give you the choice to create automated messages to make your labor cost reduced close to nothing.

Recommended Email Marketing Service



Considering all the benefits and costs associated with email marketing, GetResponse would be the email marketing service of choice. It offers all the functions that were mentioned previously: ability to create landing pages, intuitive layout and design, automated messages, unlimited mailing list, and even a webinar feature to further engage with your target audience! Integrations are also easy, with lots of options from multiple sources.

The service being trusted by 160,000 customers in 172 countries is an extra bonus for trust and credibility.

If you’re interested in their service, click here to check them out!

Note: This is an affiliate link for the service. If you choose to use the service through the link above, a small percentage of commission would be paid to the writer.

To Conclude

Hope you learned the numerous benefits, as well as the direction to take when starting out email marketing. It is a type of platform that is much cheaper to implement compared to other web marketing mediums, while being one of the most effective. Having one of the highest number of users on the internet, it’s time for you to enter a new field and double your revenue by creating long-term repeaters!


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