[Double the CVR for Half the Price] How to Create Effective Landing Pages for Your Ads in Japan

Many of you may have countless numbers of ads on the internet, from listing, display, instagram, facebook and the list goes on. That’s great, but you aren’t seem to be getting satisfying CVR (conversion rates) that makes you question whether you should continue the ads or not.

You should, but you have to make one adjustment: Connect your ads to specifically made landing pages, instead of your homepage.
We’ll go over how doing this can decrease your CPA (cost per acquisition) dramatically, and skyrocket your business into the next level in the Japanese market.



What is a Landing Page?


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an independent webpage that is connected to a marketing campaign or online advertisement, that is usually in the form of a search result, and displays extensions to the content of the respective promotion. It is mainly used to create leads and bring your business/products to a completely new audience.



How can it double the CVR while halving the cost?

It may sound like something that’s hard to believe, but it’s true: you can double, or even triple your current performance if you implement it correctly.

The main reasons are the following:


  • Page content catered specific to the ad topic
  • A gateway to leave a good first impression
  • Ability to follow up with other products
  • Create a pattern to gain new followers on social media/newsletter


Page content catered specific to the ad topic

There tends to be many cases, where you are advertising a certain promotion with the ad, but the link that is connected fails to show the appeal, or give clear explanations regarding what is being promoted. This issue is very common, mostly in cases where the homepage is linked, and could lead to a negative first impression, which is disastrous for a business. A high bounce rate is guaranteed when this happens.

Landing pages will be offering the exact information that the consumers are looking for, making them stay on the page as it will be of appeal to them. Always avoid having a misalignment with the customer, as that could lead to them never returning to your business.


A gateway to leave a good first impression

If these people visiting your sites accessed your page, it means that they are already at a point where they are considering to purchase/sign up with your product or service, as they are willing to use their time after seeing your appealing advertisement. The current situation that you don’t get the final click from them, is simply because your first impression is not great.

Jumpstart the customer journey through your website, by offering them valued content using things such as CTA (call to action) buttons, and try to close the deal. It is said that a potential client has to go through 70% of the decision making process before deciding to get in contact with a sales-representative.


Ability to follow up with other products

Since the page is not going to be shown on your homepage, but can only be accessed through the advertisement, you don’t have to worry about the other un-targeted people looking at the page. Hence, it is easier to connect the customer with other similar products and services, and increase the conversion rate for multiple offerings.


Create a pattern to gain new followers on social media/newsletter

An effective way to use landing pages as a method to grow your other mediums and create repeaters, is to create a setup where they have to sign up to newsletter/follow SNS/download content to receive the benefits of the promotion. With the interest of the customer already heightened with your great page, it could certainly be used as an incentive to develop other parts of the business, and change them into long-term fans.



Before creating the LP, do LOTS of research


Before creating the LP, do LOTS of research

There are mainly two types of research that you have to do before the process of making an LP


Research of existing customers

It is crucial for you to understand the people that has already bought your product. These are the people who felt that your service provides what they need, hence it is important that you put your effort in gathering potential clients like them in order to provide the best fitting product and achieve a high CVR.

Some things you should look at are age range, gender ratio, device used, location, concerns and occupations.

By looking at these data, make up a persona closest to your targeted audience, such as the following:

“A Japanese entrepreneur in his 20s located in Tokyo, prefers phones to desktop as he’s always on the move, likes energetic and powerful designs, and is concerned with the potential risks when consuming protein drinks”.

→ By setting an imaginary persona that contains factors of your customers, it’ll be easier for you to create the landing page that will seal the deal for these specific targets. The more detailed, the better!


Research of competitors

Let’s be honest, you’re likely gonna have competitors offering a similar type of service/product, and people would most definitely be comparing you to the other companies. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you analyze their pages, and deduce what you could do to differentiate and show superiority when put into comparison.

Listing out a few key points you should look at: advertising slogan/tagline, page structure, and design.

Ask yourself some questions:


  • Is it easy to understand the benefits from purchasing their products?
  • What kind of keywords are they using throughout the page? How do you feel when reading them?
  • Were you interested until the end of the page?

Understanding your opponents is a very important step to be victorious.



So, how do we create the most effective LP?

Your creation is all going to be according to your research done previously, as well as checking the main benefits by a landing page. Let’s take a closer look.


Explicitly stating the benefit and value of the product

You may have had a difficult time trying to understand what your competitors were actually going to give you, as well as the pros of going along their sales. Hence, always pay attention to be clear in what you want the customers to understand from looking at the page. Here’s some ways to do it.


1. Using many photos to give them a clear image of the offering


Explicitly stating the benefit and value of the product
Source: Natural Healthy Standard

Every marketer knows but don’t say it: people barely read the loads of text explaining a service, or basically anything for that matter.

This is an undeniable truth (and you may be a culprit of this too). But because this truth holds, you must use photos and illustrations efficiently, as they could convey the message, even if they are seen for just a split second.


2. Be clear on the original value/cost of the offering


Explicitly stating the benefit and value of the product
Source: La Sana

The purpose of the page is not to let the viewer understand the information of “what they are receiving”, but in fact, it’s to make them feel “wow, I’m getting something this great!”.

Instead of saying “Christmas Kit”, wouldn’t you feel more interested if it mentioned “Christmas Kit worth ¥14,669“? This would provide another benefit for the customer.


3. Be detailed when explaining the process of receiving the ‘final fruit’

People are cautious, and they will be when they look at your promotion too. After understanding the advantages for them by receiving your product/service, they’ll need to know the every little step that they have to complete before they ever think of signing up. This is also the part where many tend to forget.

Also, an extra step that proves to be useful, is to provide an actual review from a customer that used the product/service, in order to minimize their worries and room for doubts.


Explicitly stating the benefit and value of the product
Source: Poreage

In the end, using the 3 points mentioned above, they all aim to do one thing: make everything clear and remove any confusion. The people’s emotion, as well as their will to purchase, would not be moved if you do not build the trust first.


The usage of ‘exciting’ copywriting

Let’s say that you found many of your competitors were using terms such as ‘fun’ and ‘free’. If you saw a lot of the companies implementing these words, it means it’s proving to be effective in your particular business segment.

Now, go back to the persona that you set beforehand, and connect these terms with the personality traits of your targeted audience. The result should be the direction you should take when thinking of the slogans and your page’s attribute.


The usage of 'exciting' copywriting
Source: Poreage

This example proves to be a great one. The slogan is translated as:
“The fastest route to the escape from skins with pores” “That is not by tinkering with pores, but to grow the skin around them”.
You can understand that this advertising slogan contains the concern, the solution, and the use of font and color that conveys hygiene and smoothness (as pores create rough skin).


Design based on the selected persona

No matter how good of a slogan you think of, if the design is lacking, you’ll find no success.

Thankfully, with all the information ready for you with your research, all that’s left is to do the actual design. If we look at the first persona I gave as an example, this young male likes powerful designs (persona), hence you could try to make a page that uses strong fonts and design a page that tries to convey an energetic feel to the viewer (purpose).

But most of us aren’t designers, so it’s hard to come up with a design from zero. So what shall we do?

Whether you’re doing it on your own or asking a professional designer, in order to find an example of what’s in your mind, you could try to find existing landing pages that are already being used by other firms, regardless of it being in the same industry. For example, if we’re looking to offer something to our selected persona, we may find a great design from a landing page of a gym or fitness center!


Be conscious of the linked advertisment

If a user didn’t see the keywords that were used in the advertisement (in the case of listing ads) on their first view of the page, they may misunderstand that they are in the wrong page, or that the content will not satisfy what they are actually looking for. Hence, be sure to include some terms that you used to promote.

In addition, as we saw in the previous example, if you could include the expected concern that they may have, it will provide further incentive for the viewer to continue scrolling.



To Conclude

Landing pages created for the Japanese market tend to be very different from ones targeting the American, hence it’s important to know what to consider when promoting towards these consumers. Pages with poppy, colorful photos, along with relatable information tend to be the most successful, so use the points mentioned above to create that best lead getter for your business, and double your CVR now!


Continue to improve the page with AB Tests

After you gather the data and statistics of the performance from the completed landing page, use them to conduct AB Tests and continuously improve the content in order to maximize the potential gain and conversion rate. I’ve written a complete article on that, so for those interested, be sure to check it out.



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