SEO Writing for Beginners: How to Rank Your Articles Higher on Google

SEO Writing is a crucial factor to consider when publishing informational blogs and articles, whether it be for business or personal use. If you’re willing to share your valuable knowledge to the public, you ought to get as much attention on it as possible! Let’s find out how to increase your Google search rank for your content, by applying this method.



What is SEO Writing?


SEO Writing is a type of writing technique, where the objective is to rank as high as possible on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

It’s not a surprise that the higher the content is listed, the more access and recognition it gains. Hence, many firms and writers try to get their websites up there.

It’s told that there are 2 main factors that attributes to a higher ranking:


  • The content is properly structured to be what the viewers want
  • Written in a way that is rated favorably by search engines (Google, Yahoo)


The content is properly structured to be what the viewers want

Above all, put your focus on writing content that the users are actually looking for, explained in a clear and easy to understand manner. Do not try to use difficult terms (explain them when you have to), or be ambiguous; go straight to the point and concentrate on the topic at hand. Thinking about SEO comes after you have a highly satisfying content.


Written in a way that is rated favorably by search engines (Google, Yahoo)

Once you set your sights on some great content, you should move your focus to achieving a high rating from the algorithms. This part is where SEO Writing comes into play.

Let’s dive in!



The Steps to Effective SEO Writing


The Steps to Effective SEO Writing

Use the following steps if you are not sure how to begin writing while considering SEO.


What information are users looking for?

All users will search for a certain keyword because they are requiring an answer to a question or interest in their mind. Let’s say you were focusing on a topic such as “fitness gym”. Try to think of why the people included the keyword; are they looking for a tour? curious about the machines? benefits of joining?
If you don’t figure out the possible questions your target audience may have regarding a certain topic, it will be difficult for you to effectively implement SEO Writing.

Having a hard time finding out what people are curious about? Try searching the keyword yourself, and analyze the top ranked pages, or even the search recommendations. These will give you a great idea on the direction you should take when writing. Once you grasp this information, create your content based on your findings, answering the question as detailed as possible.


Have a clear objective for the page

It’s important to hold a clear objective of the course of action that you want the viewer to take, after reading your article.

For example:


  • Jump to the next page and enjoy going through the website.
  • Download a specified content for those who were interested in the article.

Using ideas like above, it’s crucial to calculate backwards from your goal, in order to effectively conduct SEO Writing. Even if you rank high, you may not get the results you hoped for if you don’t do this step.


Creating the content structure

Once you have completed the previous two steps, it’s time for you to create the structure of your content. Plan how you’re going to proceed with your writing in order to achieve your final goal that you set beforehand.

If we were to go with the example of the “fitness gym”, and we set our objective as “download content”, it could go like this:

“How is a fitness gym different from other sport centers?”

“What are the benefits of going to a fitness gym?”

“Interested to learn more? Download our brochure explaining the most effective exercises”

This is a simple example, and usually you’ll require more content, however I hope you get the point. Be sure to plan this out before you start writing the article, as it’s challenging to be organized if you were to plan simultaneously while writing.


Begin writing your sentences

Now you shall begin writing the sentences, and as we mentioned, focus on making the sentences as easy to understand as possible by the viewers. You can try to go away from using difficult words, keep sentences short and clear, and have a smooth flow between the topics within the article.

Now on top of this, we have to look at some extra points in order to have search engines rate the page highly on their rankings.



Points Evaluated by Google When SEO Writing


Points Evaluated by Google When SEO Writing

When SEO Writing, in order to be evaluated favorably by search engines, while also writing content that is easy to digest, the following points need to be considered.


Input the main keywords in your Main Headings

Be sure to implement the keyword of your main topic (“fitness gym” in the previous example) in all your main headings. On top of that, it is recommended that you keep these headings short and straightforward, which would further affect the effectiveness of SEO Writing.

“Could you have a clear idea of what is going to be discussed just by looking at the header?”. Try asking this every time, and it will prove to be a great benchmark for you to work with. It is not an issue at all if you feel the need to put the conclusion in the header, in order to make it clear.

Note: If you realized, I have included “SEO Writing” in all H2 headers of this article.


Avoid using pronouns

Pronouns such as “that”, “this”, “those”, etc should be avoided, as pronouns make it difficult for search engines to understand the topic being discussed. Instead, use nouns, so that Google and Yahoo would have an easier time analyzing the match of your article with the search keyword being used by a viewer.

Not to mention, it will also help people in a hurry that is trying to skim through an article, with the characters being clear.


The element of originality

Originality is one of the elements that Google assesses to determine where to rank a certain article.

Hence, you should try to write about expert knowledge that goes detailed to the small bits, and topics that are different from others. You will not be evaluated highly if you constantly write a similar content to an already existing article.

However, that does not mean that you should not take references from other articles. Ask yourself, “what would the viewers want to know more of?” and focus on adding further value to what you just read. This way of thinking is an important aspect when going for the ‘user-first’ mentality (but don’t add information that goes off-track from the main topic, this may act negatively).


Usage of commonly affiliated terms

There are some words that are commonly used when discussing about a certain topic. These terms differ depending on what you’re talking about; for example with the topic of “fitness gym”, these terms could be “benefits”, “advantages”, “exercises”, or “membership”.

Implementing these into your article will help search engines deduce whether your content is right for the user.


Optimization of images using ‘alt tags’

When evaluating the SEO of your page, the algorithms cannot understand what the image is showing.

In order to allow for the search engines to know what your images are about, use alt tags on each photo, which makes it possible for the photos to be explained using text. Doing this will further boost your SEO Writing.



Caution When Implementing SEO Writing


Caution When Implementing SEO Writing

Always have the mentality of ‘user-first’ when writing your article, and do not divert off-topic or have an unclear structure. No matter how many visitors you get, keep in mind that quality is what will allow you to achieve your final goal using that article.

The combination of this mentality, together with the SEO Writing technique, is what will bring your article above and beyond the numerous other competitors.



To Conclude

SEO Writing is a crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when writing an article, be it for business or personal purposes. However, your content will truly gain the success it deserves when you satisfy both the quality and the algorithms. Continue to write with the mindset asking yourself, “What kind of information are users looking for?”, and rise up the ranks in the search engines by using the points above!


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